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Biography of Selected Parang Bands

La Divina Pastora Parang Group was formed in 1973 and first entered the National Parang Competition in 1974 and emerged champions. This title was won five times on subsequent occasions, as well as the champions of the first (and only to date) International Parang Competition. During those years the group was led by the former Parang Queen the late great Daisy Voisin until her death in 1991. The group has performed in the United States, Venezuela and St Lucia and continues to enjoy widespread support and popularity.

¡Viva Nueva! was formed in 1998 with a passion to bring “new life” to parang and to keep the spirit of this cultural art form alive. They are dedicated to the legacy of the parrandero, as well as spreading the Good News of the Nativity, therefore keeping Christ in Christmas. With sixteen core multi-talented members, ¡Viva Nueva! is well noted for its vibrant music. They produce their unique sound with the combination of three cuatros, two guitars, the maracas, claves, percussion drum, the traditional box bass as well as new-age bass guitar, lead instruments flute and mandolin, and voices that captivate a crowd, and they have left their mark on the people who have heard it. ¡Viva al Rey Jesus Cristo!

Flores de San José originates in the town of St Joseph, Trinidad. Sharlene Flores, the lead singer, has a style and sound all her own, and this coupled with the special musical abilities of Wayne Flores, makes the cutting edge sound of the band. The name Flores has been linked with parang and St Joseph for decades and the tradition is carried on through the group. They have made several recordings and are largely responsible for helping parang to cross over into the mainstream of the music world. 

Los Tocadores was formed in the early 1970's by a group of high school students who sang and played music for the local church choir. The band has evolved over the years into one of the top Parang bands in Trinidad & Tobago, led by the legendary musical director and one of the founding members Mr. Peter Estrada. 

Los Alumnos de San Juan was founded by a group of students and teachers in a secondary school located in San Juan, Trinidad in 1986. Today, they are one of the most outstanding and notable bands in the country, winning the national title over nine times. The band's success has taken them to perform around the world to share their delightful music.